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Gstove Lavvo


Gstove Nature View Lavvo includes all you need for a comfortable trip in the outdoors.

Tent, top hat, guy ropes, tent pegs and center pole are included, 

Gstove Nature View is Gstove's first lavvo/tent series with unique features and accessories that are custom-made for Gstove tent stoves and is intended for all year use and will be upgraded going forward with unique interior and exterior accessories to increase your comfort in the outdoors.

Our lavvo is called Gstove Nature View, this since we in this series are focusing on large opening in the door so you can sit inside a good warm lavvo and enjoy the view, as the door gives a large wide and high opening.

Our Lavvo`s are designed to have low weight and provide fast heating when it is low temperatures outside in the winter, and at the same time be spacious for all that is travelling together with all equipment.

Of course, we also focus on unique solutions, the standard comes with fireproof and heat-protected top part and top straps that can withstand up to 400 Celsius.

This is expensive to make, but ensures that all our customers can disassemble a hot Gstove tent stove without any risk of melting or destroying the lavvo top.

A Gstove Nature View Lavvo should be a long-lasting and faithful tour partner for you, therefore we make sure to offer most of the spare parts and more in the future.

As with all Gstove products, we are always available to help you in the event of an accident so that you are quickly back in nature.


Sizing of Lavvo's

gstove lavvo

Another thing with our lavvo is the size, we use standard sizes in the market but choose to cut out the X number of people to compensate for the equipment and the Gstove 

So our 3-5 person lavvo actually is the same size as 4-6 person lavvo, our 7-9 is actually as large as a standard 8-10 person lavvo etc.

The reason for this is of course that we want to provide realistic space you can expect when buying our lavvo.

Our lavvo`s are therefore called precisely 3-5, which we then also have taken into consideration that one has with an stove and accessories as well as each person bring with them a bag of equipment and a little more.

We believe that on trips there should be enough space for everyone,  and not end up buying a lavvo  only to  find out afterwards that it gets too cramped. Instead you will be pleasantly surprised by the large spacious space in our lavvo`s.

The number 3 indicates that you have very good space with 3 people, ok with 4 people and the number 5 is that this is recommended max where then two are on the right side, two on the left and one down at the door in this case. Or for example, 2 adults and 4 children but our product names are based on actual adult persons at a height of 180cm +

Since our lavvo`s are of course adapted to our tent stoves, we have chosen several features that have been added and others that come forward as accessories.

Guy Ropes on top Hat


One of the features that comes as standard on all Gstove Nature View lavvo`s is 6 long guy ropes on our top hats, these can easily be adjusted in length at first use, but we have chosen to add this in addition to a special metal clip at the end which makes it easy to fasten at the bottom guy ropes to ensure that the top hat is secured in strong winds but still can be adjusted if needed with ease.

The metal clips also ensures that you can easily throw the ropes over the lavvo if you need to adjust the top hat behind or in front of the tent protector so that it becomes completely tight when using the Gstove tent stove in the middle of the lavvo so no rain will enter.

But you don't need 6 pieces really, but they are there for strong winds. You can remove several and use the metal clip right on the holes we have on our spark arrestors, then use the extra tent pegs that are also provided and secure them in the ground, to ensure your Gstove pipe stays steady in the strong winds.

Quick & easy Setup


Gstove Nature View is designed to be set up fast and easy by one person no matter the lavvo size you choose.

Start with folding out the lavvo and fasten the tent pegs in the bottom tent peg ropes that can be adjusted.

Then bring in the middle bar and put on top hat before lifting up.

Finish by attaching the ropes and tightening the bottom and bottom ropes.

We recommend a ground sheet which is available as an accessory, this prevents a lot of condensation from the ground, as well makes it easier and faster to set up the lavvo.



All places are reinforced in material and sewing which ensures that our lavvo handles bad weather.



Gstove Lavvo is designed to provide fast heating on cold days and nights, as well as providing a great spacious feeling when you are out in the nature.

Our design also has been developed with a plan for future products and accessories to be launched to make your trips in our lavvo's as good and comfortable as possible. This is the perfect winter tent to compliment the Gstove



All of our Gstove Nature View lavvo`s also have integrated a 53cm diameter hatch with multiple zippers and an integrated cover that is easily opened, closed, and rolled up and secured so you can use it on hot summer days to get a cold draft through the lavvo.

This hatch, over time, will become a very essential element of our future accessories for our lavvo's, which provides increased comfort in nature and useful and unique accessories.

We are launching some accessories for this such as mosquito net window, PVC window and fireproof opening to exit the Gstove tent stove pipe with the tent protector, which ensures that your Gstove tent stove can be placed at the back of the lavvo and therefor providing more space inside the lavvo and ensures that kids and animals do not stumble upon the stove during use.

The desired accessories are easily attached with their own zipper that is already fitted as standard, the standard cover can still be used without having to remove the accessories. for example, the mosquito net window can stay on if it suddenly starts to rain so it will not be wet inside the lavvo.

Standard Features



Unique door shaped like a pear to provide easy opening and closing, as well as providing a tremendous viewpoint to nature from the inside of the lavvo

There is also a integrated door made of mosquito net that can be opened and closed separately.

Both doors can be rolled up and secured in separate elastic bands if you only want to use one of the doors.

The mosquito net door ensures on the cold days with cold winds you can still sit inside a warm lavvo but still have the view over the nature.

The door has its own overlapping polyester covers that prevent rain and snow from ending up on the zipper so that it will always be easy to open / close the door regardless of the weather and prevents icing in the winter

Guy Ropes


The guy ropes on the Gstove Nature View are in orange which makes them easy to see in the summer and winter.

Simple to adjust length and tightness when needed.

The top guy ropes have their own elastic bands so you can easily roll the guy ropes together and secure them to prevent the ropes from catching up when packing the lavvo down and are therefor easy to set up the next time you are on a trip.

All guy ropes attachments in the lavvo are reinforced in both material and sewing to ensure that they can withstand strong winds.

Center Pole


The joint is fitted with elastic thread that can easily be replaced if it is broken, this ensures that the parts do not fall apart and makes it easier to setup.
Secure connection to the lavvo's top ring and straps of fireproof material which also ensures that you can add a ground sheet without dismantling the lavvo.
We have developed the middle rod from the bottom of the floor, as this will also have special properties in the future, all of which can thus be retrofitted. 

Tent Peg Attachments


To ensure stability in strong winds, we have provided a total of 3 adjustable tent attachments on each side so that the Gstove Nature View lavvo stands steady regardless of the weather and does not let in cold drafts or snow under the lavvo if you are not using the ground sheet accessory.
The adjustable tent attachments also allow you to move around a little in case your tent peg hits a stone or or to hard surface when setting up the lavvo to find a better place.
After setting up the center pole and tent pegs, tighten these attachments. 

Tent Pegs


Our tent pegs are made of strong aluminum that is suitable for use on most surfaces.

The tent pegs are in a strong red color which ensures that they are visible both in summer and winter and it is therefore easy to see them in the winter snow.

The tent pegs also have orange ropes attached so you can easily pull them out off the ground, if they are frozen in the ground, use a stick through this rope and pull up the two hands.

Storm Skirt


Inside, we have added our storm skirt which ensures that it does not freeze in the winter, and that it protects the zippers for the ground sheet accessory so that you can easily mount this if necessary in turn without the need of packing down the lavvo first.

The storm skirt also ensures that wind, snow and cold drafts do not come under the lavvo.

Air Vents

Gstove Lavvo

Gstove Nature View lavvo is equipped with 3 adjustable air vents that can be easily opened and closed to the desired opening.

All air vents have integrated mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering the lavvo.

The air vents are located to provide maximum airflow in the lavvo, and one air vent is located behind under the porthole  in the back of the lavvo where your Gstove tent stove can be placed so that the stove always has sufficient air for maximum effect without having to open the others if not needed.

Gstove hatch

Gstove Lavvo

All our Gstove Nature View lavvo`s have integrated a Gstove hatch with integrated cover that can be easily rolled up.

This hatch has many options and accessories, and there will be more and more accessories for this hatch so you will have a very flexible lavvo with features others do not have and more to come.

As standard, there is an integrated polyester cover in the same fabric as the lavvo that can be rolled up to use as a window and provide draft on hot day.

Zippers for desired accessories are also integrated as standard, allowing you to easily mount fire-resistant openings, mosquito nets, pvc windows and more.

Power cable opening

Gstove Lavvo

Gstove Nature View is equipped as standard with 2 openings on the lower wall (1 on each side) that can be opened and closed with a zipper which ensures that you can stretch a power cable at campsites into the lavvo without risk of rain inside the lavvo..

As you also see in product pictures, we have shown this when we have had a small solar panel with us.

Clips in Lavvo

Reindeer Hides
Gstove Lavvo

 Fastening clips for hanging up the inner tent and many other accessories in the future for added comfort is integrated. 

Mosquito net - top

gstove lavvo

At the top of our lavvo is the mosquito net that can easily be adjusted to the opening you want, which ensures that when using a Gstove tent stove it becomes completely tight around the tent protector, but also completely closed around the center pole if you do not use an stove

In addition, the mosquito net can be rolled up if you do not want to use it.

Fireproof Top

gstove lavvo

Our unique fireproof top of our Gstove Nature View lavvo`s ensures that you never melt the top part of your lavvo and can pack down a hot Gstove tent stove.

The entire top of our lavvo, as well as the threads for the center pole in the top are fireproof and can withstand 400 Celsius

Top Hat


 The top hat for Gstove Nature View is a one piece split so you can easily open or close a part on hot summer days.
Our top hat is also designed so that when using the Gstove tent stove with a tent protector up in the center of the lavvo, you can easily put both edges around the front and tighten with top hat guy ropes with our metal clips and ensure that no rain gets intside the lavvo.
By setting up this way in addition to our fireproof top of the lavvo, you can easily take down the chimney and clean the spark arrestor even if the stove is warm only by loosening two metal clips on the outside. 

Rain Leader


Gstove Nature View has integrated rain leaders all the way around the lavvo to make sure rain is led away from the lavvo rather than running down the sides.

This ensures that in winter, ice will only hang from these and are simple to remove before packing.

Rain leaders can be adjusted to the desired angle by adjusting the length of the guy ropes.

Straight Walls


Gstove Nature View lavvo's is equipped with 50cm straight walls that ensures that we can have a smaller lavvo, but at the same time ensures greater utilization of the space making our  lavvo's  more spacious. Another benefit is that you head does not have to touch the cold lavvo fabric when sitting inside or sleeping close to the walls

The 50cm wall is equipped with a reflective material so that when using a Gstove tent stove the heat will reflect back making it warmer when sitting close to the walls on cold days, 

Water Exit


The door on the Gstove Nature view and our unique round opening at the rear have overlapping rain leaders so that rain and snow does not hit the zippers, but we also have integrated water exit holes at the bottom of our Gstove hatch and door so rain can easily run away from the lavvo through this when it is very bad weather.

Protection treatment

hot tenting

 All Gstove Nature View Lavvo's is treated for better waterproofing, fire retardant and UV protection to make sure our products is long lasting. 

Storage Bag & No trace bag


 One of the problems with packing a lavvo is usually that you can never get down the lavvo in the original bag again, this we have solved by making a larger bag that can be tightened, but in addition you also get a extra bag that has a top opening along the entire bag.
This ensures that you can simply roll together your Gstove lavvo and easily fit your lavvo inside, even if you have a ground sheet mounted.
In winter it is often that the lavvo is both moist and cold, and maybe some snow in it, with this bag you can quickly and easily pack and go home and dry the lavvo there.  

Leave no trace:
We have chosen to add a large garbage bag of polyester to our tipi so that you can easily collect all the garbage when you are on trips, this is easily closed with adjustable closing mechanism so that it does not fall out or emit odor.
When you get home, you wrap this bag and wash it and you are ready for a new trip out into the nature and can ensure that nature is as clean and beautiful as it was when you arrived. 

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